Cornelia Volino
WORLDCHEFS Academy Committee Chairman


Cornelia Volino is Chairman of the WORLDCHEFS Academy Committee and was Project Manager for the development of WORLDCHEFS Academy, the Pre-Commis Chef Course and mobile app. She is also WORLDCHEFS Secretary General and a member of the Canadian Culinary Federation. Over the past 30 years, Cornelia has provided volunteer work to support the culinary profession and related trade associations in Canada and around the world. Through the collective efforts of World Chefs Without Borders, Cornelia strives to help those affected by natural disasters and encourage aid relief. As a WORLDCHEFS Certified A Judge in Vegan, Hot Kitchen & Culinary Arts, she also shares her insight and knowledge at international culinary competitions and is the lead instructor of the WORLDCHEFS Vegan Competition Seminar.

Education, Certifications and Achievements

  • Winner of the 2015 Glenfiddich®️ Chef of the Year Award for Outstanding Achievement and Contribution to the Culinary Arts Industry
  • Queens University, Technical Diploma in Education
  • University of Toronto, E-Commerce and E-Business Management Diploma
  • Ryerson University, Magazine and Web Publishing

WORLDCHEFS Board, Committee Positions and / or Memberships

  • WORLDCHEFS Secretary General
  • WORLDCHEFS Academy Development Advisor
  • World Chefs Without Borders Presidium Liaison
  • WORLDCHEFS Tour Against Hunger Team Leader 2003 and 2011
  • WORLDCHEFS Continental Director of Americas 2000-2004
  • Canadian Culinary Federation Past National President, Chairman of the Board & Marketing Chairman
  • Canadian Culinary Federation, Toronto Branch Past President, Chairman of the Board and Director
  • Canadian Culinary Federation Member
  • Honorary Life Member, WORLDCHEFS
  • Honour Society Member, Canadian Culinary Federation
  • Honorary Member American Academy of Chefs
  • Honorary Member Federation of Chefs and Cooks of the Republic of Cuba
  • Honorary Member Peru Chefs Association
  • Honorary Member Indian Federation of Culinary Associations
  • Honorary Member Cultural Association Euro East Alternative in Romania
  • Honorary Member Slovenia Chefs Association
  • Honorary Member New Zealand Chef Association