Ray McCue
World Chefs Without Borders Committee - Education


Ray McCue is passionate about inspiring future chefs to go above and beyond not only in cooking, but also in their lives and their community. As a chef, he believes that you can never tell where a teacher’s influence stops. He is grateful for all the great teachers he has had in his life and to have the opportunity to pass these lessons onto the next generation of chefs. In addition to his work as Associate Professor for the College of Culinary Arts at Johnson & Wales University, Ray also owns and operates a consulting company, working with various clients on product demonstration and recipe development, which allows him to keep current in the foodservice industry.

Education, Certifications and Achievements

  • Master of Education
  • Worldchefs Certified Master Chef
  • Certified Hospitality Educator
  • 2015 ACF National Educator of the Year
  • ACF Approved Certification Evaluator

WORLDCHEFS Board, Committee Positions and / or Memberships

  • World Chefs Without Borders
  • WORLDCHEFS Academy Development Advisor
  • Honorary Member Northern Greece Chef’s Society
  • Honorary Member Slovenian Culinary Academy
  • American Culinary Federation Member