Mauricio Armendaris
Ecuadorian Chefs Association Founder


Mauricio Armendaris founded the Ecuadorian Chefs Association 15 years ago and is currently the Director of the Organisation of Gastronomic Associations of the Americas and the Caribbean, as well as the Director of the Culinary Tourist Destination Project. He is also a member of the Regional Center’s Research Center (CEINCOR) and directs the coordination of the national plan for development of patrimonial kitchens of Ecuador. Mauricio is also the speaker for Ecuador in several international events such as the Second Congress of Patrimonial Kitchens organised by UNESCO and has been a Culinary Ambassador by the Ecuador government, due to his work promoting the use of Ecuadorian products.

Education, Certifications and Achievements

  • Food and Beverage Administration Degree, Ecuador
  • Culinary Program Certification, Culinary Institute of America
  • Instructor Certificate in Sanitation and HACCP
  • Culinary Educator of Culinary Techniques, International Cuisine and Ecuadorian Cuisine

WORLDCHEFS Board, Committee Positions and / or Memberships

  • World Chefs Without Borders Emergency Task Force
  • WORLDCHEFS Academy Advisor
  • Asociación De Chefs Del Ecuador President and Member
  • Organisation of Gastronomic Associations of the Americas and the Caribbean Director