John Clancy headshot
John Clancy
WORLDCHEFS Education Director


In his role as WORLDCHEFS Education Director, John Clancy has been instrumental in overseeing the development of the WORLDCHEFS Recognised Schools programme, which acknowledges the quality culinary education programmes taught in schools around the world. John has also been part of the development of culinary training and education globally. As a Senior Professor of Culinary Arts and Gastronomy and a committed advocate for continuing professional development of chefs worldwide, John believes the WORLDCHEFS Academy is a vital link for all WORLDCHEFS members looking to encourage the advancement of culinary knowledge, skills and recognition through education, training and certification of culinary professionals.

Education, Certifications and Achievements

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree BSc. (Hons) in Education and Technology
  • Master of Arts MSc. Culinary Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • City and Guilds of London Advanced Diploma in Teacher Training
  • Chief Expert - World Skills International
  • Chief Advising Examiner - Ireland 2003-2007

WORLDCHEFS Board, Committee Positions and / or Memberships

  • WORLDCHEFS Education Director
  • WORLDCHEFS Academy Advisor
  • Past Chairman WORLDCHEFS Education Committee
  • Past President and Member of Panel of Chefs of Ireland
  • WORLDCHEFS Congress 2004 Director
  • Honorary Life Member, WORLDCHEFS
  • Honorary Member Canadian Culinary Federation
  • Honorary Member Indian Federation of Culinary Associations
  • Honorary Member Vatel Club Luxembourg